The Snake Lady of Sinyong was an operative of the People's Liberation Army of China during the Korean War. Stationed in North Korea in 1952, she attempted to smuggle secrets into gorillas in South Korea by wrapping her trained snakes with fake skins with the secret information hidden on them.

She captured American soldiers Combat Casey and Penny Pennington in order to force them to smuggle the secrets across the border. The pair managed to escape the cobras that the Snake Lady put under guard, however were recaptured. Before the Snake Lady could throw them in her snake pit, the two Americans had the luck of the parking break on one of the enemy jeeps giving out and rolling down a hill toward them. Combat and Penny dived out of the way, knocking the Snake Lady and her troops into the snake pit where they were eaten alive[1].

Discovering the secret messages in the fake snake skins, Combat and Penny were able to track down the location of the Snake Lady's secret base and destroy it[2].


The Snake Lady utilized trained snakes including cobras and boa constrictors.


The Snake Lady was armed with a pistol.

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