Snipe Gooligan was a poor student who attended Lee School in New York City during the 1940s. He was a good natured kid, but loved to play pranks. He had a handful of encounters with Captain America and Bucky who, unknown to Snipe, were his teacher Jeff Mace and fellow student Fred Davis Jr.

In order to earn extra money for his family, Snipe took on an after school job selling bottles of Tiger Sweet Perfume, unaware that the company was owned by crooks who planted incendiary devices in the perfume bottles to start fires in victims homes and rob them. However, Snipe eventually figures out the connection on his own and foolishly confronted his employers alone. Easily captured, Snipe was rescued by Captain America and Bucky. [1]

Later, Snipe and Fred were excused from class for being distracted over the news that Hollywood star Yvonne was coming to town. The two skipped school so that Fred could get Yvone's autograph at her hotel. Getting into the room, Fred, Snipe and Yvone were attacked by the Bullfrog, who had come to steal Yvonne's diamond necklace. During the ensuing scuffle, both Yvonne and Snipe were knocked out, and Fred failed to beat the Bullfrog as Bucky. During the fight, Snipe had covered Yvonne's necklace with his hand, and when Bullfrog could not find it he fled the scene. When both came around, Yvonne considered Snipe a hero, much to Fred's dismay -- although Snipe did not appear to be interested in the girl as her publicity led them to believe she was from France. Snipe was invited by Yvone to a private party on her agents yacht. There Yvonne was targeted again by the Bullfrog, who was sent fleeing again this time by Captain America who had come to keep an eye on things. Later, Fred attempted to win Yvonne's favor by catching frogs so she can have frogs legs. When Yvonne saw the bag of frogs she freaked out, and her agent admitted that Yvonne was really from Brooklyn, hearing this Snipe suddenly began to be interested in the girl. [2]

Snipe has not been seen since, his subsequent activities are unknown.




Snipe was a practical joker who had a number of gags for his own amusement. Such as a pea-shooter, darts, a slingshot, marbles and a top.

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