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Snot original look

Not much is known about Snot's past. He was at some time located at the North Pole Drifting Ice Station 22, and was one of the numerous mutants activated after the Phoenix dispersion.

His powers manifested when he sneezed and killed a walrus at this time. Less than a week after, he was recruited into the Hellfire Academy.

A poor student, he was taken out of the classes since the first day of school and brought to Kade Kilgore's office, enhanced by the Siege Perilous, and used as an henchman.

Quentin Quire, in order to discover Snot's fate, provoked the Academy's staff and was sent to the Principal's office, where he was taken down by the enhanced Snot who took him to the Siege Perilous.[1]

Snot later popped up as a member of the Shadow Council's Masters of Evil in Bagalia.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman mucus generation and sneezing: Snot generates enormous amounts of mucus with different properties, and can project it by sneezing:

  • Sticky mucus: Snot's mucus can be used to stick, or to immobilize a target.
  • His mucus may have more offensive properties, as he is said to have killed a walrus the day his powers manifested.[1]

Siege Perilous enhancement

After passing through the Siege Perilous, he was granted a more muscular physique, with a higher strength level, possibly superhuman.


His codename "Snot" was given to him by the Hellfire Academy, but he had suggested Captain Awesome Face or Super Nose Kid.[1]

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