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The Snow Queen was chosen by the High Evolutionary to be one of his New Men. She was selected when the High Evolutionary brought her sister White Tiger back to her. Snow Queen accompanied the High Evolutionary back to Mount Wundagore and was recruited in the Knights of Wundagore.[citation needed]

When the X-Man known as Beast came to Mount Wundagore to find an answer to fix deactivated mutant genes, Snow Queen, who was ordered to not let anyone pass, threatened him and his friends with death.[citation needed]

Beast would not take no for an answer, and insulted her by saying that her sister, White Tiger, would rather bite off her own tongue before attacking an unarmed person, causing Snow Queen to attack Beast. They battle lasted for quite a while before the High Evolutionary intervened and broke it up as he wanted to speak with Beast. Snow Queen was forced to escort him to her master at the Citadel. Having spoken with High Evolutionary, Beast left Wundagore Mountain and Snow Queen to her solitary duty.[citation needed]



Humanoid white tiger physiology, enhanced intellect.[citation needed]


Skilled swordsmen and warrior



Advanced Body Armor[citation needed]


Swords[citation needed] and other weapons[citation needed]


Atomic Steed[citation needed]

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