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Snowblind was an underworld drug lord who had been blind since birth. Snowblind worked for Deathwatch and fought Ghost Rider. He met his death in an explosion.

Snowblind was remade as an undead villain by Anton Hellgate. Snowblind is currently working for Blackheart.

Powers and Abilities


Snowblind has discovered that he has the power to see by generating a mystical field. However, using the same field, Snowblind can blind anyone in his vicinity (high level demons and sorcerers can protect themselves from Snowblind's blinding power). The field also increases Snowblind's physical abilities giving him enhanced toughness, speed, and strength, on par with Ghost Rider who has been shown to be able to lift five tons.

Now that he's undead, Snowblind retains his blinding power but with somewhat greater range and precision. Snowblind has undead qualities including a lack of aging, enhanced toughness, not needing air or sustenance. He has become resistant to most injuries and diseases, the telepathic powers of Darklove and certain passive magics, but not to focused mystic attacks like Blackheart's or the Penance Stare of Ghost Rider.

Physical Strength

Class 5


Is technically blind. Although undead, Snowblind can be "killed" by strong magics, or if his head is removed or his body is destroyed.

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