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The Snowhawk Tribe was a Cimmerian tribe whose foundation remains unknown, though it was unknown to the Cimmerians of King Bafomai's Elite Guard, in Python, just before the Fall of Acheron, circa 13,000 BC.[2]




The legacy of the Snowhawk tribe went on through Conan and his offspring, though they suffered tragedies as wemm: of his viable children, Conobar (the rapidly-aging son he had with Ursla, a priestess of the wild) was slain in combat by his father,[8] Râ Morgana (daughter he had, though didn't knew about, with a high priestess) was raised as the holy child of their priesthood, before leaving with her lover,[9] Aryal (whom was presumed to be his daughter with Tanya the Fox) was fated to die.[10]

Finally, Conan became king of Aquilonia, and married Zenobia, with whom he had two sons, Conan ("Conn") and Taurus, and a daughter, Radegund.[11] Zenobia died during the bearing of their fourth childn[12] a daughter. Conan eventually abdicated from his thone, and put his legacy in the care of his son Conn, Conan II of Aquilonia.[11]

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