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Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker used to live in a loft here in SoHo.[1]

After his blocked-out memories returned, Harry Osborn visited one night a SoHo loft, previously owned by his father, where he discovered a Green Goblin suit.[2]

Harry then showed his wife Liz their new place in SoHo, telling her not to worry about his father's leftover Goblin costume he found.[3]

After Officer Goldman's visit, Peter and M.J. ran into Flash Thompson and Felicia Hardy on the street, but they quickly left for the Madison Square Garden, where Peter took pictures of a Captain America charity demonstration.[4]

After Nathan Lubensky's funeral, Peter and MJ quarreled on their way home; the spat was observed by someone tailing them.[5]

The next day, after a trouble bus ride from Forest Hills, while heading home Peter evaded a building's falling masonry that appeared to have been deliberately chiseled loose.[6]

Back to his loft after the Sinister Six attack at the Cordco rocket launch in Long Island, Peter was told by MJ she received a note from Hal McGee, asking her to meet him on the 'Secret Hospital' set. After Dr. Swann called Peter to tell him that Doctor Octopus' drug was destroying the ozone layer, they both left home sharing a cab.[7]

Years later, Spider-Man and the Black Cat broke into movie star Hunter Todd's loft in SoHo while he was calling his drug dealer Mr. Brownstone. As soon as Spidey confronted him, he and Tiffany Cummings suddenly died of heroin overdose.[8]

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Nick Fury was undercover, enjoying a meal in SoHo, when he was attacked by a mysterious enemy.[9] Spider-Man and the Human Torch helped rescuing him from this peril.[10]

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