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The Société des Sadiques was an underground cult of people who shared a fixation for sadism in all its shapes and forms. Throughout its eighty years of activity, the group became increasingly selective. In modern times it was led by a Nazi named Ernst.

The Société's latest inductees were drug lord Lyla DeCriscio, serial killer Sol Edmund, photographer Liberation McAllister, and a body piercer only known as Tilt. Moon Knight infiltrated the biannual feast for new inductees disguised as a servant on a hunt for Ernst. To his surprise, after Moon Knight revealed himself, Ernst personally invited him to join the Société.[1]

Moon Knight and the other inductees took part in the Société's induction ritual, which consisted of six trials to put to the test different aspects of themselves. The fifth trial pit each inductee against each other, and Moon Knight defeated the others effortlessly. For the sixth and final trial, Moon Knight was faced with the choice to either kill an innocent child, abstain and have his own daughter Diatrice killed, or confront the Société's full might focused solely on him. Moon Knight stopped his personality of Jake Lockley from murdering the kid, and braced himself to fight the entirety of the Société.[2] Marc was shot with drugs and isolated with Ernst on a tour through Brooklyn where he attempted to subjugate him.[3]

After Ernst was killed by Moon Knight, Sun King was sent as a back-up plan, but he turned against Ernst's beliefs and agreed to help Spector take down the remaining members of the Société before they could murder Diatrice. Togehter with an army of followers of his own and Sun King, Moon Knight attacked the Société's flying base, a repurposed Helicarrier named the "Anti-Carrier." Most of the acolytes were defeated, presumably putting an end to the Société itself.[4]

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