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Sofia Strange was a sorceress living in New Orleans with her nanny, Aunt Vesper. One day, she attempted to unravel the case of a missing girl and a ghost named The Whisperer.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Sorcery: The ability to tap this universe's infinite store of ambient magical energy and manipulate these to a variety of effects. A skill derived from three major sources: personal powers of the mind/soul/body, powers gained by tapping the universe's ambient magical energy and employing it for specific effects and finally, powers gained through the tapping of extra-dimensional energy by invoking entities or objects of power existing in mystical dimensions tangential to her own. The latter means of power is usually gained by the recitation of incantations. Sofia has demonstrated transmutation, levitation, erasing a person's memories, and communication with the dead.[1]


Spells and Phrases: Sofia has demonstrated knowledge in mystical spells and incantations invoking names and aspects of various extra-dimensional objects and beings of power. Through these incantations she is able to call upon these extra-dimensional power sources for very specific effects without taxing her personal abilities.[1]


  • The pitch of the character Sofia Strange originated from Jason Henderson and Greg Scott when they were working together on the creator-owned series Sword of Dracula.[2]
  • After Henderson and Scott sent the pitch to Stephanie Moore and Bill Jemas, Marvel dovetailed it in their relaunch of the Epic Comics imprint, meant to let lesser-known creators work on a stable of established Marvel characters, giving them a new spin and then moving them to the mainstream line of comics if they became successful enough. After Marvel had an ownership change, the launch of Epic Comics' three titles Sleepwalker, Young Ancient One and Strange Magic was cancelled and they were instead released together as an anthology book, but it was cancelled after one issue.[2]
  • Henderson and Scott intended for the character to be Doctor Strange's secret daughter with Clea, whom her mother hid on Earth to prevent the forces of Dormammu from harming her. Sofia's existence would also be kept a secret from his father, whom Clea didn't want involved for various reasons, since she didn't want him roaring back to the Dark Dimension and making things worse.[2]
  • In an early script of Sofia's first appearance, the story would have begun Dark Dimension, with Clea sending young Sofia and Vesper to Earth when Dormammu's forces were closing in on them.[2]
  • Another cut scene had Stephen at the Sanctum Sanctorum suddenly struck by a teasing sense that someone is being magically hidden from him.[2]
  • Henderson wanted Sofia Strange to cross-over with his ghost-hunter book Soulcatcher from Alias Comics.[2]

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