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Nothing is known about Dr. Di Cosimo's past, other than as part of her studies into ancient mythology, she once met and studied the Greek god and hero Hercules and is also implied to have been intimate with him.

She was later called by a government subcommittee to provide background and information on Pandora's Box which had been stolen by Tyrannus and Red She-Hulk. After being rescued by the Hulk, she aided him against escalating threats posed by Tyrannus, Red She-Hulk, and later Monica Rappaccini and various disasters caused by her Wishing Well machine.


Sofia invented the term and unit of measurement called "Hercs", which she states is the maximum amount of power that Hercules is able to release in a single blow. Exactly how much equals one Herc is unknown, but the power inside Pandora's Box is stated to be equal roughly 133 Hercs, and Hulk was able to contain that energy with relative ease. Although, Hulk states that the energy was little more than concentrated anger, which of course bolsters his own power.

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