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A Serbian immigrant with a militant background in a violent nationalist organization is hired as a waitress by Mr. Okonkwo, aka T'Challa, at Devil's Kitchen.[1]

He warns Mr. Okonkwo that a hooded man has infiltrated his office which later turned out to be Luke Cage.[2]

Sofija was at the hospital where Brian was hospitalized after he had been thrown from a palace by Vlad the Impaler and was present when dr. Holmes declared that Brian was dead.[3]

Sofjia attended the funeral service for Brian's death. She later attempted to give Iris advice by telling him that Mr. Okonkwo was not avilable.[4]

He informed Mr. Okonkwo that some Romanian speaking people had entered the room. She was there when Vlad Dinu blew up the diner where she worked.[5]

Sofija was trapped in the rubble of the Devil's Diner caused by the explosion of the bomb mesa there by Vlad the Impaler. T'Challa was unable to free her but thanks to the timely intervention of Luke Cage she and T'Challa were saved from the collapse that followed.[6]

Sofija helped the people of Hell's Kitchen during the Fear Itself crisis by providing them with refreshments inside the Devil's Diner and had to suffer the assault of the Hate-Monger and his followers.[7]




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