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Soft Serve was a mutant on Krakoa seen trying to give a fellow mutant her ice cream while waiting to go to the Hellfire Gala.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Soft Serve can poop ice cream. She has control over the flavors she produces and can poop "pretty much all" the different flavors of ice cream.[3][4]


  • Soft Serve is a character created by Bob Quinn years prior to her first appearance, and was inserted into the background in Way of X #2.[3][1]
  • Soft Serve is not lactose intolerant.[5]
  • At first, Bob Quinn stated that Soft Serve had very different "plumbing" than regular humans,[6] but upon further consideration Quinn decided that her body was instead a portal to the ice cream dimension,[7] with "pooping" being just a colloquialism for the bizarre location of the portal.[8] Besides, it's likely Soft Serve doesn't even poop at all.[9]


  • Soft Serve is not the only mutant with ice cream-related powers, the other being the assassin Eye-Scream, who can turn himself into any flavor of ice cream. According to Bob Quinn, there is no relation between the two but Soft Serve is a "big fan" of Eye-Scream.[10]

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