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The Sol's Anvil was the most powerful weapon ever constructed by man. It channeled the power of the Sun through a fixed point buttressed by the Earth itself.[1] The Interdimensional Council of Reeds first used a Sol's Anvil to "crush a Beyonder" from Earth-5202.[2]

Sol's Anvil firing

After being trapped on Earth-616, the last four surviving members of the Council sought to construct another Sol's Anvil to use it against the Mad Celestials of Earth-4280. It used the energies of four cities: the Forever City, the Old Atlantis, the Blue Area of the Moon and the Negative Zone. The Four Reeds sought to establish control over all four of those points, with varied success.[2]

The weapon was eventually used by Reed Richards of Earth-616, making a single shot against the three remaining Mad Celestials.[3]


  • Iron Man later commissioned a similar named device called Sol's Hammer.

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