Soldiers of the Serpent

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Soldiers of the Serpent
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Paramilitary hate group
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The Soldiers are descended from the Sons of the Serpent, a hate group which plagued the United States for some time. This incarnation is more militaristic, but is still a racist, bigotted hatemongering group. They believe that the USA is being over run by "mutants, mongrels and misfits." This milita group blames Washington, in part and believes it is their duty to do what they believe is best for the nation. In an attempt to gain nation-wide notice and spread their message, they kidnapped Wakandan ambassador N'Kano and planned to assasinate him live on national television. The Avengers, who were assigned to escort the amabassador and the Wakanda prince T'Chaka were able to defeat them during their live broadcast, with American Dream taking out their leader and lecturing him on the USA's diversity.[citation needed]


Equipment: The Soldiers use various weaponry, ranging from gas pellets, serpent staffs (which can be used as clubs or activated into robotic snakes), tazers, basic weaponry such as handguns and a giant robotic snake.

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