Solidus Scriggles was an unassuming cigar store salesman, whose short stature and hefty weight caused him to live a nondescript life. This all changed the day that his shop was terrorized by protection racketeers. After refusing to pay for protection and being roughed up, he was assisted by Harry Kane, who was secretly the super-hero known as Hurricane. When the racketeers returned again, Hurricane later beat them into submission with a little help from Solidus, whom Hurricane nicknamed "Speedy". From then on, the two became partners, with Scriggles joining Harry on his adventures.[1]

Shortly after their partnering, Scriggles went to a carnival which was not on the up-and-up. Hurricane investigated and exposed its crooked operation and with the help of Speedy put it out of business.[2] Speedy later took on a job with the Star Construction company, after reports of a series of accidents and mob intimidation activities. The two later exposed the contractor Lionel van Devanter's attempt to drive Star Construction out of business to eliminate the competition for his company.[3] In his last recorded adventure with Hurricane, Speedy assisted Hurricane in protecting heiress Florence Grey from mobsters attempting to kill her for her uncle Lew Grey who hoped to inherit her fortune. Hurricane foiled this plot; however, during the course of this adventure, Speedy was injured regularly and mostly milked his injuries in order to have Florence dote over him.[4]

For unexplained reasons, Hurricane stopped operating thereafter and apparently cut all ties. Likely due to the fact that Speedy was usually a liability to have around, as clearly demonstrated in their last adventure together. Speedy's activities following this and his ultimate fate is unrevealed.

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Speedy was overweight and was easily winded while running.

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