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Origin of Solo; Solo tangles with a terrorist organization and runs into an old flame. After teleporting to the corporate headquarters of Welles Technologies in Midtown Manhattan, Solo was already locked in the middle of a firefight against members of a terrorist organization called A.R.E.S.. Meanwhile, in Welles' office, he was watched over by two terrorists, Raider and Burlson, who forced him to download the Omega Strike files. Somewhere else inside of the building, Solo was still fighting terrorists, one who launched a flare that blinded everyone in the room except for him due to his blast shield visor. Back in Welles' office, the download was finished and the terrorists executed him, followed by Cygnus teleporting into the room to take the files from them. Suddenly, Solo appeared in front of them and he was surprised to see that Rowena was alive. However, the reunion was cut short when Rowena teleported away with the terrorists. After they teleported away, Solo was slow to notice a bomb that they had left behind and went off, destroying the building.

At the United Nations Headquarters, A.R.E.S. was searching the offices for anything having to do with counter-terrorist operations. Suddenly, Spider-Man appeared and urged the terrorists to surrender. The terrorists refused, triggering a brief battle between them and the web-slinger, which ended with them teleporting away. Afterwards, two policeman arrived and informed Spider-Man that Detective Snider wanted to talk to him. Next, Spider-Man went to talk to Snider and discuss about the incident at the headquarters.

In Upstate New York (State), members of A.R.E.S. were meeting in their secret base, discussing their previous mission and Solo. Emil Tessler stated that the files they stole carried information on their organization and their members. Tessler questioned Rowena's loyalties when she encountered Solo, which she responded that she was loyal to A.R.E.S. Deathstorm announced his enthusiasm for exacting revenge on Solo.

Meanwhile, Solo survived the destruction of Welles Technologies. Next, Solo went to a N.A.T.O. site, where he accessed a file on one of the computers regarding Omega Strike. When Solo accessed the files, he saw Rowena in the picture and was heartbroken by how she betrayed them for Gant.

In a flashback, James Bourne was stationed in West Germany where he met Melinda Wallace and fell in love with her. However, their relationship ended when Melinda was gunned down by terrorists. A few months later, James was selected to try out for the newly-formed Omega Strike, where he met Rowena Maclean, Gabriel Gant, and the unit's leader, Emil Tessler. During their briefing, Tessler assigned Rowena and Gant to lead the terrorist termination unit and James to lead the hostage recovery unit and informed them that Omega Strike has been ordered to intervene in a plane hijacking situation in Italy. When they teleported into their plane's cargo hold, terrorists suddenly appeared and gunned down all of the team members save for James and Rowena. Gant had revealed that he and Tessler had betrayed them by accepting money to betray them. Next, Gant shot James, leaving him for dead. Rowena revealed that she had collaborated with Gant and Tessler as well and apologized to James before leaving her locket behind and teleporting away with Gant. When James got up, he learned that Tessler had destroyed his reputation by leaving false documents that would incriminate him. James decided on that day that James Bourne had died and Solo was born and that he would destroy terrorism throughout the world.

In the present, the U.N. secretary was giving a press conference regarding the terrorist attack on their headquarters when Deathstorm and other members of A.R.E.S. appeared and opened fire. In response, Spider-Man and Solo intervened and attacked the terrorists. When Solo spotted Deathstorm, he attempted to take a shot at him, but missed, as the terrorist teleported away. Detective Snider attempted to apprehend Rowena, but Deathstorm appeared behind him and shot him, injuring him, before teleporting away. As Spider-Man went to the injured Snider, Solo suggested that he should not have been involved. The web-slinger responded that the gunman was no different from the terrorists. Solo teleported away as Spider-Man swore to hunt him and every "gun-toting maniac" down. Afterwards, Solo vowed to wipe out A.R.E.S. with sheer, unrelenting force and hunt down Deathstorm and neutralize him even if it cost him his life.

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