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  • A.R.E.S. Helicarrier

Synopsis for "Moguls of Death!"

Solo had been arrested by the Guardsmen and was being shipped to the Vault, where he was to "stand trial for his crimes." One of the Guardsmen took off his helmet to catch some air, much to the disapproval of the other Guardsman. As the two were distracted, Solo used this to his advantage and attacked one of them, holding him in a headlock and forcing the other Guardsman to give him the keys to his handcuffs. Solo took the clothes off of the Guardsmen, restrained them, and jumped out from their van. After distancing himself from the van, he spotted a freight train.

Meanwhile, Rowena was in an A.R.E.S. helicarrier with Emil, trying to convince him to not proceed with his plans. However, Emil said that his customers, the Delvadian Liberation Front, that he would disrupt the talks at the United Nations and refused to back out.

Spider-Man was visiting an injured, bedridden Lou Snider in his home. Suddenly, another police officer appeared and informed Lou that Solo had escaped custody. At a secret A.R.E.S. meeting in the Lower West Side, Deathstorm was rallying support from his fellow members, including Tommy Ng and Lorenzo, Tessler's former head of research, in overthrowing Emil Tessler, who he believe had abandoned them. At Solo's sanctum, he was sitting down, attempting to recalibrate his jump chip. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Spider-Man was on his way to the United Nations Headquarters, as he believed that Solo may be there. Rowena, who was in the A.R.E.S. helicarrier with Tessler above the U.N. Headquarters, was pleading with him to reconsider his actions and start over in South America, which he refused, claiming that they were about to make history. Inside of the U.N. building, members of the World Security Council were debating on how to approach the Delvadia situation. One of them proposed relaunching Operation: Omega Strike. Suddenly, Tessler, Rowena, and two terrorists appeared inside holding the councilmen at gunpoint. One of the delegates was surprised to see that Tessler was alive. Two guards attempted to apprehend the terrorists, but were gunned down. Some time later, Solo saw the report of the terrorist attack on the U.N. Headquarters on his computer and learned that A.R.E.S. had demanded the dissolution of the Delvadian government. Back at the U.N., the councilman claimed that they did not have the power to disband the Delvadian government. Suddenly, Solo appeared inside and opened fire on the terrorists. Before he could shoot Tessler, Rowena intervened and stopped him, admitting that Tessler was, in fact, her father. As Solo and Rowena were distracted, Tessler took the chance to teleport away. The teleportation chips of the other A.R.E.S. members were shut down, leaving them unable to teleport. In response, they resorted to attempting to take the councilmen hostage to ensure their escape. Suddenly, Spider-Man swooped in and attacked the terrorists.

Solo and Rowena teleported into the A.R.E.S. helicarrier where they found Deathstorm holding Tessler as his prisoner. Rowena demanded that Deathstorm released Tessler; instead Deathstorm broke Tessler's neck, killing him. In response, Rowena opened fire Deathstorm, who evaded by teleporting away, leaving them to fight against Scorch, who was killed by Solo. However, Scorch, who had attempted to attack Solo and Rowena with his flame bolts, hit the helicarrier's camoflage and guidance systems, leaving them dead in the air. When Spider-Man, who finished fighting against the other A.R.E.S. members saw that the helicarrier was beginning to lose control, followed it. Back inside of the aircraft, Rowena attempted to transfer the auxiliary power to the main engines in order to keep them airborne while Deathstorm returned to fight against Solo. However, Rowena could not regain control and the aircraft crashed into the water, almost killing an innocent woman and a hot dog vendor. Deathstorm, who survived emerged from the crash and from the water and was followed by Solo, who carried Rowena in his hands and held his enemy at gunpoint. Suddenly, Spider-Man appeared to confront them as Solo attempted to shoot Deathstorm and missed as the terrorist teleported away, hitting the innocent woman instead, killing her. As Spider-Man went to the woman's dead body, he declared that Solo was no better than the terrorists he hunts.

Afterwards, Solo was taken back into custody by the Guardsmen, this time restraining him with handcuffs that contained a neuro-disrupter that would trigger a massive stroke if he attempted to teleport.

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