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  • A.R.E.S. Helicarrier

Synopsis for "In The Lair of Madmen"

At A.R.E.S.' secret headquarters, Tessler was showing his associates the extent of Deathstorm's abilities during a training session to his associates, who believed that Gant seemed too uncontrollable.

Meanwhile, at Bellevue Hospital, Spider-Man visited Detective Snider in his sickbed. Solo, who, even himself, did not know why, teleported into Snider's room and informed him that he vowed to avenge him. Spider-Man, who was behind Solo, protested the idea of him killing, which the teleporting gunman responded by holding the web-slinger at gunpoint. Spider-Man questioned what kind of hero Solo was, while the latter told the former not to get so "high and mighty." As Solo and Spider-Man were about to begin fighting, they both fled the room when they heard a nurse approaching.

In the A.R.E.S. Helicarrier over New York City, they were five minutes away from Delvadian embassy. Deathstorm expressed his enthusiasm to kill, while Tessler reminded him that they were only there to persuade Ambassador Ortega to vote down to current U.N. in order to help their employer's chances of taking over Delvadia. Deathstorm, Rowena, and the other terrorists teleported away and into the embassy, while Tessler and his Delvadian associates watched the mission from the bridge. The A.R.E.S. agents raided the embassy for the ambassador.

Meanwhile, at Solo's Sanctum, he teleported inside and began to arm himself for his confrontation against Deathstorm. Outside, of the Delvadian Embassy, Spider-Man was above several SWAT trucks and landed on one of them. Inside of the embassy, A.R.E.S. was attempting to coerce Ambassador Ortega into changing his vote. However, even after being tortured, the ambassador still refused to change his vote. In response, Deathstorm grabbed Ortega's son and threatened him. However, Rowena intervened and stopped Deathstorm, who warned her that she would regret that later. In the basement of the embassy, Scorch was planting a bomb when Solo intervened and attacked him. Scorch defeated Solo after a brief fight only to be attacked and defeated by Spider-Man after running away. Back on the ground floor, Rowena instructed Ortega's son to hide in a room until it ended. After closing the door on him, she suspected that somebody may be nearby. Unbeknownst to her, it was actually Solo. In the hall of the embassy, Deathstorm was still torturing the ambassador, who would still not give in, resulting in him being killed. Afterwards, Deathstorm ordered the men to kill the rest of the hostages and leave. Suddenly, Solo and Spider-Man both appeared and attacked the terrorists. As Solo attempted to kill Deathstorm, the latter attempted to snap Rowena's neck, causing the vigilante to hesitate, giving the terrorists time to teleport away. Afterwards, Spider-Man and Solo engage in a brief fight before the latter teleported away. Afterwards, Spider-Man declared that Solo was going "down for the count."

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