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  • A.R.E.S. Helicarrier

Synopsis for "The Terror Ends"

Somewhere in Manhattan, Matthew Welles, son of late Welles Technology CEO Charles Welles, is running away from Solo, until the former gets trapped in an alley, allowing the latter to confront him. As soon as Solo catches up to Welles, he interrogates him and learns of A.R.E.S.' base of operations, which is under the Adirondack Mountains, near Lake George. Afterwards, Solo executes Welles, then teleports away.

Meanwhile, at the A.R.E.S. Headquarters, Tessler is lashing out at Deathstorm and Rowena after their botched missions at the United Nations Headquarters and the Delvadian embassy, informing them that it had damaged their relations with the Delvadian rebels, also criticizing them for how they allowed Scorch to fall into police custody. As Tessler continues to lash out at them, Gant defends himself by saying that Scorch knew how to remain silent, unlike Rowena, which she responds by walking away. Next, Tessler threatens to expel Gant from A.R.E.S., citing disregard for his authority. In response, Gant grabs Emil, places him in a chokehold, and threatens to kill him if he "continues badgering him", then puts him down. Suddenly, one of the terrorists informs Tessler that they have located Scorch's signal.

At the Midtown Police Precinct in Manhattan, Detective LeGrand is questioning Scorch, who refuses to cooperate, causing the former to lose his temper and raise his fist at the latter until he is pulled away by his fellow police officer Maggie. The two police officers exit the room, and afterwards, Scorch feels calm, believing that A.R.E.S. will come for him. Suddenly, Spider-Man sneaks into the interrogation room through the window. Back at the A.R.E.S. Headquarters, the terrorists learn that of another heat signature in the same room as Scorch and decide that they will have to compensate. In the interrogation room, Scorch refuses to answer Spider-Man's questions about A.R.E.S. Suddenly, a yellowish aura appears around Scorch, about to teleport him away, as A.R.E.S. had activated his teleportation chip. In order to avoid losing him, Spider-Man grabs onto him and is teleported to the A.R.E.S. Headquarters with Scorch. The terrorists open fire on Spider-Man, who is able to evade the gunfire. Suddenly, Solo teleports inside and opens fire on the terrorists. Tessler flees with Rowena and teleports away. Solo and Spider-Man continue to fight A.R.E.S., and the former finds himself locked in a one-on-one fight with Deathstorm, who grabs him with tendrils, swinging him around. Meanwhile, other members of A.R.E.S. are rushing into the Helicarrier. Inside of the Helicarrier is Tessler, who plans to deactivate the teleportation chips of both Deathstorm and Solo and activate the base's self-destruct sequence. During Solo and Deathstorm's fight, the former shoots a steel mesh magnetic net at the latter's face, slowing him down, and allowing the former to land punches. Tessler and Rowena are watching the fight from the Helicarrier. Rowena asks her father to do something before Deathstorm and Solo can kill each other, and her father responds by having the two fighters' teleportation chips deactivated. Spider-Man intervenes in the fight, causing Deathstorm to fire exploding pellets at Spider-Man before fleeing. After Tessler has been informed that both Deathstorm and Solo are unable to teleport, he authorizes the self-destruct sequence, much to Rowena's disapproval.

Back inside the headquarters, Spider-Man and Solo realize that the structure is falling apart and begin to make their escape. After escaping, Solo announces his intention to hunt down Tessler, while Spider-Man declares that the former will be going to jail, triggering a fight between the two, resulting in the web-slinger's victory. After a while, the Guardsmen arrived and take Solo into custody. Meanwhile, at the ruins of the A.R.E.S. Headquarters, Deathstorm survived and vows revenge on Tessler.

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