King Solomon was the King of Israel and prophet of the Israelite people. He was also a powerful sorcerer that served as the Sorcerer Supreme between ~1,000 B.C. til ~800 B.C.[2]

He was challenged, as the banisher of demons (including the Lilin). Supposedly, as the Queen of Sheba (her daughter), Lilith conceived by Solomon.[3] Solomon also had numerous concubines.[4]

King Solomon amassed vast amounts of treasures, knowledge and magical artifacts,[5][6] whom many were hidden in secret places in Africa, including the Grotto of Solomon in southwestern Wakanda which included the alchemical formulae for the Elixir of Life, which Solomon believed no human should possess for immortality was no gift but a curse, and entrusted a Black Panther to keep.[6]


After his death, many of these treasures were also buried with him in his tomb.[5]

He was succeeded as the Sorcerer Supreme by his lover, Queen Balkis of Sheba.[2][7]

Modern Age

After reawakening during World War II, Magar the Mystic called upon the ghost of King Solomon for counsel and wisdom.[8]


Mystic Arts: King Solomon practiced magic at the level of a Sorcerer Supreme.[2]


  • Solomon wrote the Proverbs.[1]
  • Solomon seemingly had many concubines.[4]

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