Coming across a dying girl in rural France, Solomon Kane swore to avenge her death by killing the murderer, the French bandit known as Le Loup. He tracked him down to his hideout, slaying all of his gang, but Le Loup managed to escape[2] to Africa, where he became the blood brother of chieftain King Songa. Solomon eventually found Le Loup, killing him and the giantish Gulka the Gorilla Slayer.[3]

Modern Age

Robert Howard wrote stories about Solomon Kane circa 1932.[4]


Solomon Kane had no known superhuman powers or capabilities.


Solomon Kane was a determined man who had peak human physical abilities despite appearing to be thin and gaunt. He traveled the world righting wrongs, and what was left after extensive travel and training was "steel and whalebone."

Strength level

Peak human to enhanced. Solomon Kane was strong enough to overpower vampires and giant humans, not to mention other human and supernatural threats.


Solomon Kane is dressed in black, with a gloomy demeanor and his trademark slouch hat.


Horseback and ambulation.


Solomon carries a versatile 16th-century arsenal, including flintlock pistols, a rapier, dagger, and the magical and ageless Staff of Solomon.

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