Early Life

Born in the African nation of Wakanda, he excelled in school and was of the few native Wakandans to leave the country. He was educated at Harvard University in the United States of America. It was there he legally changed his name to Solomon Prey, choosing the name Solomon for the wisdom it represented. Considering himself a great observer and manipulator, he regarded his education as merely supplemental.[1]

Return to Wakanda

When he returned to Wakanda, he romanced Tanzika, an enemy of Black Panther. Prey became a wealthy crime boss, starting drug trafficking in Wakanda by utilizing his contract in the US Wakandan Embassy.[1]

Solomon had Dr. Kaza implant cells into his back and hands, which grew into wings and claws. This process was painful but he refused any pain killers.[citation needed]


  • Bat Wings: Solomon Prey possesses bat-like wings enabling him to fly at great speeds.
  • Claws: He has razor sharp claws able to rend flesh and even score bone.


  • Crypt-Optics: a device which allowed him to vanish from most forms of detection, including Black Panther's enhanced sensors.

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