Solveig was a Giantess[2] of small statute and Vidar Odinson's wife.[1]

She lived with Vidar apart from Asgard and Jotunheim.[1]

One day, the Storm Giants Horvald, Grolf and Aslak came to her house. Realizing she was Vidar's wife, they started killing her beasts, and murdered her when she rebelled.[1]

The Giants then left, taking on her corpse a golden belt Vidar had crafted for his wife.[1]

Vidar returned, finding her dead. Once he had her body honored in the tradition of the Gods, burned on a pyre, Vidar went on a campaign to avenge her, helped by Thor and Hoder, finally resolving to justice instead.[1]

Odin later came himself pay homage to Solveig.[1]


Belt crafted by Vidar.

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