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Someday Enterprises
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Someday Corporation


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Someday Enterprises was a dubious company that provided to any mutant that could afford it the opportunity to place themselves in suspended animation as a way to escape from the M-Pox.[1] However, they also used those mutants as guinea pigs and weaponized them.[2]

Magneto and his X-Men raided a cargo of mutants in stasis and freed them. He believed Someday Enterprises was capitalizing on the despair of mutants, who cowardly put themselves in stasis to bypass the predicament of mutantkind and awaken in a better world. Magneto also believed Someday to hide ulterior motives.[1]

Exodus took over a Someday Enterprises research base and woke up its Sleepers, subjugating them telepathically, with the intention to let them loose in an anti-mutant rally in order to stoke the fires of anti-mutant hysteria.[2]

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