The sorcerer who would transform into the Somnambulist was a Satanic mystic who sought to raise Satan himself in the town of Jericho, New Mexico in the late 1700's. The mystical effect of Satan's summoning lead Satan to kill 400 of the 500 residents of Jericho as to use their skulls to write one word to an infernal book wanted by the Somnambulist. Through mystical interventions of the Ancient One at the time, the Sorcerer Supreme had banished Satan and the Somnambulist would later die to fall into Hell , yet the Somnambulist was resilient to retrieve his masters dark book but to this knowledge a monastery was built on the grounds to prevent desecration on its access.

Daimon Hellstrom would route to Jericho, Nevada 200 years later by fate to the monastery where a secretive serial killer, Ervil Allred, had been hiding as a false monk among many to avoid detection of past unsolved murders. Through prior effects of the exorcist Stephen Loss, an arcane page was lost by Dr. Loss to be found by Allred who summoned the Somnambulist who offered Allred powers of murder as means for his ability to escape his slavery in Hell, retrieve Satan's "book" in the raising of the late townspeople's skulls, and potentially sacrifice Ervil Allred to his presence to achieve a higher demonic threshold. By Ervil Allred gaining power of the Somnambulist by eating his heart or host through a Communion ritual, Allred would had nearly succeeded with Somnambulists' evils had Hellstorm not arrived to intervene by impaling Evril Allred with his trident regurgitating the Somnambulists' "host" and killing the murderer before destroying the effigy of the Somnambulist, consecrating the demon-mystic back to Hell. [citation needed]


Various magical abilities, immortality, levitation, able to empower others through act of worship.


Somnambulist was familiar to magical spells and occult knowledge in life.

This is the Latin, technical term for a sleepwalker.

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