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Quote1 I am the chosen, progeny of Hulk the Green Scar and Caiera, Shadow Mother of all Sakaar. I am He of Shadow. The Life-Bringer and World-Breaker. Upon my planet I was known as Hiro-Kala. You will come to know me as God. Quote2

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Synopsis for "Problem Child"

With Galactus consuming the planet Sakaar, refugees from the planet attempt to escape aboard one of the Shadow People's Stone Ships. While Axeman Bone and Princess Omaka attempt to steer them out of danger, Hiro-Kala watches the destruction out of one of the windows. However, they all begin to worry how their ship can fly considering it is powered by the Old Power, and it is this that Galactus is consuming. As they witness the destruction, Lihla, the daughter of Axeman Bone sees Hiro-Kala standing by himself. She approaches him and tells him that as they are the last survivors of Sakaar, none of them should ever stand alone. With the world completly destroyed, Galactus turns away from them and heads back into space. Old Sam warns them that now that Galactus has had a taste of the Old Power, he will seek out other worlds rich in the powerful energy and consume them as well. Suddenly, the ship speeds forward under some unseen force. The surviving Sakaarans watch in horror as they are pulled along with Galactus to the fare off world of Doarj'n where they witness the world devourer consumes this planet as well.

Watching this grimly, Hiro-Kala decides to do something and despite the protests of Lihla, he climbs onto a stone drone and goes out into space. Protected from the vacuum by the Old Power, he then approaches Galactus. He calls out to the world devourer, promising him that while Galactus sees him as less than a speck of dust, he will come to know his power. He explains that the Old Power will eventually kill Galactus, and the residual energies of the planets he consumes will flow into him. For destroying the only world he has known, Hiro-Kala vows that he will destroy Galactus in the name of his father, the Hulk and his mother, Caiera the Oldstrong. As he flies back to the Stone Ship, the spirit of his mother calls out to Hiro-Kala, apologizing for never noticing that he too was her son and asks for his forgiveness. Hiro-Kala returns to the ship, much to the surprise of the others. When they ask the boy how he could use the Old Power. Hiro-Kala tells them to as Old Sam who he is and they are shocked when the elder storyteller bows before Hiro-Kala, proclaiming him the Sakaarson. When one of the survivors balks at this, Hiro-Kala uses the Old Power to kill them. He then vows that he will look after his people if they choose to worship him unquestioningly. Axeman Bone is the first to bow down and pledge allegiance to his former slave. Axeman is surprised when Hiro-Kala absolves him of his past sins, however this would-be savior warns Axeman Bone that if he ever questions him again, he will kill Axeman where he stands.

As they continue on their voyage in space, Princes Omaka holds a private council with Old Sam. He assures her that he is certain that Hiro-Kala is the Sakaarson, and that his previous claims that the old stories were a lie were the actual falsehood, and the legends are actually true. He doesn't care about Omaka's concerns that this boy looks nothing like his father, the Hulk. He warns her that they should keep their heads down and do as they are told until they can figure out what Hiro-Kala wants from them. As they approach a brand new world, Lihla approaches Hiro-Kala and tells him that they all need someone and promises to be there for him no matter what. As they get nearer to the planet, Old Sam recognizes it as the world of Giausar and warns the others that they should not land her. He recounts how when his ancestors, the Shadow People, first came to this world it was filled with savage beasts and primitive humanoids. They helped tame the savage beasts of this world with organic Obedience Disks and taught them how to harness the Old Power. However, this led to three city states to emerge: Terrafort, Durth, and Fractas. The three cities warred with each other for ten centuries until they all formed an uneasy peace with each other. He warns that the Giausarians have become highly protective of the Old Power and destroy any outsiders that come to their world.

Regardless of the warnings, Hiro-Kala brings their Stone Ship down to the planet's surface. Old Sam warns Hiro-Kala that this world is dangerous, but the boy doesn't think it can be any more dangerous than Sakaar was. Suddenly, they are confronted by an army of soldiers and beasts from the city of Fractas. Noting that they are not from this world, the warriors order them to leave their world or die. Hiro-Kala counters this by warning the warriors to stand aside or die, introducing himself as the son of Hulk, daughter of Caiera, and master of the Old Power. He tells them that they are to worship him as a god.

Solicit Synopsis

After the cataclysmic events of the last few issues, the Son of Hulk is abandoned, wandering aimless and alone. Can he find his way in the savage, hopeless universe that promises only his destruction? And have any of his allies survived to stand by his side. Join us as new writer Paul Jenkins (WOLVERINE: ORIGIN, INCREDIBLE HULK) takes the reigns for this surprising new storyline!


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