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Hiro-Kala and the refugees from planet Sakaar have come to the planet Giausar, drawn there by the Old Power that courses through the planet. There they are confronted by the warriors of City Fractus. Highly protective of the Old Power of their world, the warriors order the alien refugees to leave their world or die. Hiro-Kala, however, has a counter proposal for them: worship him as a god, or face his wrath. The soldiers refuse to stand down and when they prepare to attack, Hiro-Kala channels the Old Power within the planet causing it to spring forth from the ground, incinerating the first wave of soldiers. He then blasts their fliers out of the sky and blinds the other warriors. As the soldiers scramble to fight back, Axeman Bone offers himself to Hiro-Kala. However, the would-be god has other plans for him. Instead, he selected a Sakaaran Imperial and Native to fight in his stead. Touching their brows, he endows the pair with a portion of the Old Power. It causes them to grow to massive size. The two titans begin to make short work of the advancing legions.

Those soldiers who survive the blasts of Old Power and the two titans are quickly slaughtered by Hiro-Kala's followers. Watching from the sidelines are Princess Omaka and Old Sam, who are horrified by this recent development. Fearing that Hiro-Kala has grown mad with power, Old Sam fears that this boy will bring about the destruction of yet another planet. While within their Stone Ship, Axeman Bone's daughter Lihla watches the slaughter in silence. Meanwhile, in the royal chambers of City Fractus, King Diemoas is visited by his advisor Barroas, who warns him of the coming danger from beyond the stars. However, the King is not overly concerned, as he believes he can use the ancient Streamsword to vanquish the outworlders should they try to take their city.

Back out on the battlefield, the forces of City Fractus flee back to their walled city. Axeman Bone rejoices in the slaughter they have unleashed. Hiro-Kala is then visited by the spirit of his mother, Caiera the Oldstrong, who warns the boy that he will disrupt the natural order with this senseless slaughter. Hiro-Kala, however, doesn't care as he seeks to send a message to Galactus. Meanwhile, his titans are approaching the walls of City Fractus, forcing the natives to shut the main gates. The remaining soldiers trapped outside fear the worse until the two giants suddenly collapse on the ground. Thinking the threat is over, they rush toward Hiro-Kala and his party, but are slain when the two giant's heads suddenly explode, vaporizing the warriors. Just then, King Diemoas flies down from the city with the Streamsword. He challenges Hiro-Kala to a battle to the death. Hiro accepts, choosing no weapon in which to fight his foe, considering himself weapon enough. While King Diemoas can channel the Old Power through the Streamsword, he is no match for Hiro-Kala's fighting skill and own control over the Old Power. Old Sam fears that this battle will bring about the destruction of the entire planet.

Ultimately, Hiro-Kala overpowers Diemoas and strips him of the Streamsword. He then has the king kneel and pledge allegiance to him and announce him as the one true god. When Diemoas agrees to these terms, Hiro-Kala blinds the ruler with his bare hands. Hiro-Kala then addresses the people of City Fractus and warns them that if they continue to deny his divinity he will slay them all. With that, he channels the Old Power through the Streamsword and uses it to bring down the walls barring them from Fractus.

Solicit Synopsis

The Planet Sakaar may be no more, but the trials of the Son of Hulk are far from ended. As the Sakaarian survivors struggle to carry on, the Son of Hulk has only one goal in mind: revenge. He has led his people to another planet rich with the mystic Old Power…a planet he has laid claim to, whether its native population likes it or not. The Son of Hulk will claim his vengeance, even if it means laying waste to an innocent populace to do it. But even if he can bend this planet under his will, can he possibly become a match for Galactus, the devourer of worlds?


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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