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Appearing in "Dangerous Tribe"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Premier Skiorlov (Only appearance)[1]
  • Admiral Vichatka (Only appearance)[1]
  • General Nevzh Next Appearance of General Nevzh (First appearance)
  • Previous Appearance of Galactus Galactus Next Appearance of Galactus

Other Characters:

  • Third Legion of City Fractas
  • Holy Abbey of the Stream
  • Silver Surfer (Recap)

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Synopsis for "Dangerous Tribe"

On the planet of Giausar, Hiro-Kala and the survivors of Sakaar have come seeking this world. Proclaiming himself as a god, Hiro-Kala then began laying waste to the forces of City Fractus, slaying their king. For renouncing him as their new god, Hiro-Kala channels the Old Power through his newly acquired Streamsword to bring down the walls into City Fractus. The captain of the guard orders all able men to get together and repel the invaders from space. As they are mobilizing, one of the soldiers notices that the Power Stream at the center of their city has begun to channel more power. Suddenly, Hiro-Kala unleashes a blast of Old Power through the Streamsword, incinerating the warrior legions. As Hiro-Kala and his warriors enter the city, Axeman Bone is about to kill one of the survivors. However, Hiro-Kala spares him when the warrior pledges allegiance to Hiro-Kala.

Elsewhere in the city, at the Holy Abby of the Stream, the priests watch the carnage from their view screens. The leader of this holy order tells the others that this young man is likely the sky-father prophesized to come to their world and that they should worship him as he demands. Although the others fear that this "savior" is a demon, their spiritual leader warns them that to side against Hiro-Kala could mean their deaths and that regardless if he is an angel or a demon, he is the messiah that has been foretold in legends. Outside, Hiro-Kala approaches the Abbey, ordering Axeman Bone and his warriors to stand guard. As he approaches the front doors they open and he is visited by Barroas who tells Hiro-Kala that they recognize him as their god. He then brings him inside where all the priests are bowing before him.

Unfortunately, not everyone on the planet is willing to bow down to Hiro-Kala. In the Republic of Terrafort, government leaders review the footage of the slaughter at City Fractus and fear that this alien will not rest until it rules the entire planet. Seeing his awesome power, they then reach out to the ruler of City Durth. However, the queen of Durth refuses to help. While elsewhere, Hiro-Kala and Lihla observe young Treehorses struggle to survive now that their mother has been killed and the creatures have no concept of how to survive. When Lihla asks if they can take the Treehorse pup as a pet, he denies the request. He explains that these creatures could have been the dominant species had they not been enslaved by the Shadow People centuries earlier. Having been a slave himself, he'd rather see the wretched creatures die out free, as opposed to be enslaved further. Watching this from afar is Old Sam and Queen Okama. Old Sam points out how Hiro-Kala has grown so dark following their encounter with Galactus. He fears that the boy is just beginning his path of destruction, as he suspects the child will undo all the work the Shadow People have done across the universe. Suspecting the old man is keeping something from her, Okama demands to know what he is hiding.

Old Sam, fearing for his life, decides to tell her everything. He explains that the Shadow People created the Old Power as a variant of the more stable Power Cosmic. They then sought to become gods of the universe by seeding worlds with the old power. However, they soon discovered that the Old Power was unstable and that all the worlds seeded with it would ultimately crumble. Okama is furious that Old Sam has kept this from them all, as they concern that Hiro-Kala may destroy all the worlds the Shadow People have empowered. At that moment, Hiro-Kala looks up into the sky, as he senses the approach of Galactus, who is hungry for more of the Old Power. That evening, the forces of Terrafort launch an attack on City Fractas. Hiro-Kala does nothing as the people beg for him to save them. Axeman Bone mobilizes a retaliatory forces, while inside his daughter Lihla pleads to Hiro-Kala to do something. The would-be godling refuses, telling her that he will only intervene when his people understand true fear. Suddenly, the invasion forces are joined by warriors from City Durth. When they radio in to the attack forces for instructions, they are unaware that they are speaking to Princess Omaka, who orders them to come in for the attack.

Solicit Synopsis

Planet Sakaar is no more. The SON OF HULK will stop at nothing to exact his revenge on the Mighty GALACTUS for devouring his homeworld -- but there are those who wish to prevent him in his quest for blood. Nothing is at it seems as the Son of Hulk does whatever it takes to rain destruction on his enemies and bring Galactus to his knees. Will the prophecies of the Old Power hold true or is the Son of Hulk destined for failure?

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