Quote1.png Welcome, Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. Accept this, my gift as your new herald. Quote2.png
-- Hiro-Kala

Appearing in "Enemy At the Gates"

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  • Brother Juroas
  • Krusha
  • Ardul
  • Grammoas

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Synopsis for "Enemy At the Gates"

City Fractus is under attack by the forces of Terrafort and Durth due to the invasion of the planet by Hiro-Kala, who has seized control of the Old Power and proclaimed himself a god. Organizing the counter attack is Axeman Bone, who mobilizes his own warriors as well as the soldiers of City Fractus. However, the attacking natives are in much greater numbers leading to heavy casualties. While in the Holy Abbey of the Stream, the priests question their decision to pledge their allegiance to Hiro-Kala.

As the Old Power begins to rupture out of the very ground, the invading forces break through the walls around Fractus. As the slaughter continues, Princess Omaka and Old Sam have betrayed Hiro-Kala to the invaders and attempt to flee the city. Their hope is to find a way to destroy Hiro-Kala before he can bring about the destruction of Giasaur. Meanwhile, Hiro-Kala and Lihla watch in silence as the carnage spread around them. As the invaders push forward, the people of City Fractus begin to beg Hiro-Kala to save them from annihilation. Suddenly, the Old Power erupting from the planet grows even more violent, turning from blue to an angry red. With his armies failing, Axeman Bone reports back to his master to beg forgiveness for failing to repel the invading armies. However, one of his minions points out that they were betrayed by Omaka and Old Sam. Hiro-Kala reveals that he knew and that he also shut down the force fields allowing the invasion to take place.

Hiro-Kala then decides to explain his plans to Axeman Bone due to his unwavering loyalty. Killing the soldier who spoke out of turn, Hiro explains that the Old Power has become corrupt and perverted and that he has sought to destroy this planet for it. Meanwhile, Omaka and Old Sam have arrived at the invading forces camp only to discover that they have no interest in letting them live. Suddenly, Old Sam begins to feel the Old Power welling up inside him and realizes that Hiro-Kala is finally punishing him. Suddenly, Old Sam's head explodes, killing him instantly. With the city crumbling around him and people dying left and right, Hiro-Kala agrees to meet with the invaders to discuss surrender. However, instead of surrendering, Hiro uses his Old Power to slay Omaka and most of the soldiers. When the commanding officer orders his destruction they attempt to use a massive cannon, but it is run on the Old Power, and so Hiro-Kala makes it explode, killing the last of the commanders of the enemy army.

As more and more of the Old Power begins to erupt from below the planet's surface. Finally, the fighting comes to an end and it begins to rain. Hiro-Kala looks up into the sky as he senses the arrival of Galactus. As the world devourer arrives over the planet, Hiro-Kala offers it to him, pledging to be his new herald.

Solicit Synopsis

War besets the hardened survivors of the destroyed planet Sakaar. Only the gamma-fueled rage and ancient Old Power burning through the veins of their leader, the SON OF HULK, keeps them alive. As he tears through the embattled hordes, his ruthless power grows exponentially - but will his quest for revenge cripple the mighty GALACTUS or will his terrifying energies consume him from within?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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