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Quote1 You were tainted by a power that will destroy you the next time you consume it. This is the pain of knowing that you can never have the thing you crave the most. I hope you choke on it until the end of time. Quote2

Appearing in "Fortunate Son"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  •  General Nevzh (Death)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Fortunate Son"

Having come to the planet Giausar, Hiro-Kala has intentionally made the Old Power of this world grow unstable as an offering to Galactus, as he seeks to be the world devourer's newest herald. With the powerful storms raging on the planet's surface, the priest known as Barroas curses Hiro-Kala for bringing damnation upon his world. However, the would-be god tells him that this was set in motion centuries ago when the Shadow People first came to their world. Lihla asks her father Axeman Bone if they should flee the planet, but Bone refuses to abandon his master. When Borroas begs Hiro-Kala to save their world, he responds by slaying the holy men who have come to worship him.

As Galactus lands on the planet's surface, General Nevzh orders a tactical assessment of this new invader. When he unleashes his forces upon Galactus, he bellows in rage. Meanwhile, Hiro-Kala walks among the destruction. When some of the Sakaaran Natives beg him to save them, he tells them that they are destined to die here. Watching as Galactus decimates the forces attacking him, Hiro-Kala watches as the destruction rains down. He comes to realize that his father's greatest asset was not his strength and not the anger which fueled it, but his mind and hate. Channeling these together, Hiro-Kala channels both the Old Power and the Power Cosmic and unleashes it against Galactus. The blast does little to Galactus, and the strain on his body causes Hiro-Kala to collapse. Seeing their master fall, Lihla sends her father out to collect him. Axeman Bone collects Hiro-Kala and joins the rest of the Sakaaran refugees aboard the Stone Ship that brought them to this doomed world. As the entire planet crumbles around them, they power up the ship and take off.

Witnessing the destruction of Giasaur, Hiro-Kala renounces his quest to become a god and has forsaken the Old Power. With a new power growing inside him, he tells his followers to witness as they have made a noise that Galactus can hear. They watch as Galactus absorbs the energy from the ruins of the planet and as he suddenly writhes in pain. Axeman Bone realizes that Hiro-Kala came to this world and destroyed its entire culture in order to taint the Old Power and poison Galactus. With the world devourer incapacitated, Hiro-Kala travels out of the ship to confront Galactus. Hiro-Kala mocks Galactus, warning him that he has tainted the Old Power and that the next time he tries to consume it may be his end, warning that he may have already tainted that world. Suddenly, Galactus vomits out the energy he consumed at Hiro-Kala. Hiro defends himself and watches as Galactus walks away.

The spirit of Caiera the Oldstrong then appears before her son. She realizes that he sacrificed a world in order to save the universe from the taint of the Old Power. She touches his face, telling him that she finally knows who he is, while others may not understand what he has done. He tells her to leave, that the Old Power no longer binds her and as Caiera finally takes her eternal rest, Hiro-Kala bellows out into the void of space. He then returns to the Stone Ship. There the others are horrified to see that half of Hiro-Kala's face has been horribly scarred by his mother's touch. When Axeman Bone asks where they will go next, Hiro-Kala tells them that they will search for his brother.

Solicit Synopsis

Behold feeble mortal, the terrible power of Hiro-Kala, the Son of Hulk! In this climactic installment, Hiro-Kala rains destruction upon a savage world to satiate his endless lust for revenge. No one is safe. Many will die. The shock waves from Hiro-kala's final battle will be felt across the entire Marvel Universe and not even the mighty GALACTUS can stop him!


===Publication Notes===


  • Whenever Galactus screams in alien typeface in this issue, it deciphers to "Khan!".

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