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Synopsis for "The Homecoming!"

Returning to his home at Fire Lake, Daimon is shocked to find that his home had been defaced. Believing that his father had a hand to play in this, Daimon goes to the portal to Hell in the basement of his home, there he sees Demons. These Demons are seeking help from Daimon, however the Son of Satan misconceives it as an attack and fights the Demons until his father Satan appears. Satan tells him that there is an intruder in his home that is the cause of the trouble, and after a brief argument, Satan locks the portal to Hell, so that Daimon cannot access it.

After being tricked by a series of illusions, Daimon is confronted by his foe: The Possessor, whom he soon learns is a human merged with two Demons. The Possessor tells Daimon of his plans to conquer Hell, and teleports away, leaving Daimon to ponder of the situation. The Possessor appears in Arizona where an elder Shaman is teaching a Navajo brave the ways of magic, when he is killed by the arriving possessor, who seeks to use the young brave for his own ends.

This story is continued next issue...

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