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Continued form last issue... As the Possessor changes the young Navajo brave into his minion Nightfire, and takes over the tribe as his slaves, Daimon tries to track down the Possessor. Finding his car, Daimon uses it as a means of learning the Possessor's past.

Daimon learns that the Possessor is really Raphael Zoran, son of illusionist the Great Zoran. A fake, who was an abusive alcoholic, that would take out his frustrations on his wife and child. When the Great Zoran learned that his wife had the ability to cast illusions, he would beat her to death in a fit of rage before Raphael, in jealousy that his wife had powers he wished he possessed. Believing that Raphael may have inherited this ability, the Great Zoran would incorporate his son into his act. At age 15, Raphael would manifest similar abilities to his mother and use them to manipulate others and gain whatever he wanted. He would take over his fathers show, buy a carnival and eventually cast his father out. Growing bored with the life of riches, Raphael would soon be chosen as a target by two Demons from Hell who believed young Rapahel would be a perfect host. However, possessing the unique young man proved to be the demon's undoing, creating the entity that became the Possessor.

As Daimon speeds to Arizona, in Georgetown, D.C., the faculty of District University consider hiring Daimon Hellstrom to be the head of the Parapsychology Paranormal Phenomenon Department, however the head of faculty tells them to screen Hellstrom carefully.

Daimon finally arrives in Arizona, where he is contacted by the spirit of one of Navajo, however Daimon expels it not wishing anything to be in his head. He eventually finds a portal to Hell in a cave, which Baphomet and his minions seek to breach to return to their realm. However while fighting the creature, they are ambushed by the Possessor, Nightfire and his minions. During the fight the Possessor absorbs Daimon Hellstrom into his body, leaving nothing but the trident behind. With Daimon absorbed into his being, the Possessor boasts that he now has the power to rule over all.

This story is continued next issue...

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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