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Synopsis for "Demon's Head"

Continued from last issue.... With Daimon Hellstrom absorbed into his body, the Possessor uses his increased power to open the portal to Hell, causing an explosion which summons Satan to Earth. Meanwhile, Baphomet and his minions battle against Nightfire over possession of Daimon's triden. However, Nightfire succeeds in securing the weapon, which frees him from the Possessors control.

The Possessor would neutralize both threats, before Satan's arrival. With the Devil on Earth, the Possessor would escape back to Daimon's home at Fire Lake and travel to Hell through that portal, destroying the mansion in the process. Satan would return to Hell where he would find the Possessor had taken over. As the two would fight, Daimon finds the key to the Possessors defeat: Unleashing his Darksoul inside the Possessor.

In doing so, the Possessor is unable to control the unleashed power of Daimon's demonic half and is rendered into a mindless husk. Upon his defeat, Daimon and the other prisoners of the Possessor are freed. Furious that his traitorous son was his savior, Satan would banish his son from Hell, and seal all portals to the realm, vowing that when next it opened it would be at the time Satan would return to destroy his son.

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