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Synopsis for "Assassin's Mind"

Continued from last issue.. After being questioned by the police regarding the death of his neighbor Michael Taine, Daimon and Saripha join Amilia Sefton to a gathering at the office of Brain Anderson. They are all suddenly psychically attacked by Anubis, which Daimon wards off as Son of Satan. Afterwords he returns home and gets a call from real estate agent Silas Warden who tells him that he might have found a home for Daimon that suits his needs.

While investigating the site of Thame's death with a silver ankh on his head, Daimon is attacked by the assassin, a being known as Mindstar. During the fight Daimon tried to use his Darksoul, however Mindstar would take Amilia hostage. This would give Daimon enough pause for Mindstar to use his powers to make Daimon believe his trident is painful to the touch. Although unable to touch his weapon, Daimon is able to command it mentally and have it blast Mindstar, who flees dropping Amanda from up high.

Daimon saves her life, but when she thanks him he lashes out at her for preventing him from stopping his foe. While at the home of crippled real estate agent Silas Warden, Warden is confronted by his master who reveals him to be Mindstar. Silas blames his defeat by not knowing how powerful Daimon really was, but vows to eventually destroy him.

This story is continued next issue....

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