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Synopsis for "Dance with the Devil My Red-Eyed Son!"

On Christmas Eve, Satan is plagued with a nightmare in which he puts his son Daimon through a trial to see if he has won final victory over his son. Just when he believes that he has won final victory over Daimon, Satan awakes to learn it was all just a dream.

Appearing in "Contact!"

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Synopsis for "Contact!"

reprinted from Tower of Shadows #6


  • According to Essential Marvel Horror Vol. 1, page 12 of this story originally featured a sequence in which Daimon Hellstrom witnesses himself being crucified. This page was rejected by the Comic Book Authority Code, and a new page, scripted by Archie Goodwin and penciled by John Romita was made to fill in. The page was a one page splash showing a union of Satan and Daimon.
  • This is the final issue of Son of Satan, Daimon would next appear in Howard the Duck #13 before regularly appearing in the pages of the Defenders.

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