Sonfire is the son of the late Shiro Yoshida, aka Sunfire. His father became ruler of the Asian continent following the mutation of the entire world. He was killed by means presently unrevealed. His son would be a successor to his rule and take on all his responsibilities including leading the super group Xen. In order to be extra protected, he would be gifted with the Seven Silver Samurai, robots built from the remnants of the Red Ronin robot.[citation needed]

In recent history, Sonfire and his Silver Samurai would be asked to help Captain America and a group of heroes gathered from around the world in order to stop the Skull's take over of America. Sonfire would survive the battle and return to Japan where he would continue his rule over the Asian continent.[citation needed]

Three years late, Sonfire and Xen would soon come under attack by the Tong of Creel who had come seeking a part of the Absorbing Man entrusted to Sonfire's father before his death. This portion (used as nunchuku used by his Xen teammate Tao) would be captured with relative ease.[citation needed]

Sometime after that, Sonfire and Xen would agree to join Dr. Strange into Asgard to rescue Clea who was prisoner there. The move proved unpopular with his teammates in Xen, and created a rift between the group.[citation needed]

They would be returned to Earth, successful in their quest, however they would arrive to find that the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom was terrorizing Japan. Sonfire and the others would work together and successfully destroy the creature. This was the final straw for those in Xen, however the present fate of the group and Sonfire remain unrevealed.[citation needed]


Sonfire had powers similar to that of his father, which mirror that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

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