Sonny was a young mutant approached by the X-Men after his powers manifested, accidentally killing his family and a pet. However, he was abducted from his foster home by Ogre and the Vanisher. They used gas and a control helmet to keep him in check. He was experimented on at Mount Charteris until being deemed too dangerous and kept in cryostasis.[1]

Later, Ogre used a tesseract portal to sent him to Beta Lumaris Station Thirteen.[2] Sonny was awakened by the machinations of Fixer, who learned of "HS-1" from SHIELD documents. He opened the portal and revived Humus Sapien.[3]

Sonny used his powers to battle the Redeemers, SHIELD forces, and Ogre. Arabian Knight and others died as a result of his gathering energy across the world. Sonny heard the call of Gaea. He learned how many people he had killed and chose to go back through the portal, as in space he would not harm anyone. Ogre jumped in with him.[1]


Humus Sapien is physically and mentally linked to the earth's 'bio-field.' He is able to drain electro-encephalographic energy from anywhere on the planet, including other lifeforms. He has been shown to use this energy to

  • Botanopathy: Baredo can affect plants.
  • Geokinesis: Baredo can cause the shifting of tectonic plates.
  • Telekinesis: Baredo can repulse non-organic matter.
  • Bio-Disintegration: He can also destroy unnatural materials by affecting their structure at the atomic level.

  • Humus Sapien was the winning submission from a "create-a-character" contest held by F.O.O.M. magazine in 1973.
  • Humus Sapien was also considered for being part of the 'all new, all different' X-Men team.

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