Sonny was a young mutant living in Mutant Town with his mother. He became the target of anti-mutant violence when, at a certain stage in his mutation, he became a near-mindless monster and began devouring neighborhood pets. The X-Man Kuan-Yin Xorn was sent to investigate him.

Xorn found Sonny in his house, his mother in a fit of depression. Unable to cope with Sonny's mutation, she had poisoned him and herself. Sonny, not understanding the situation, rampaged through Mutant Town, attempting to buy medicine for his mother. For this he was gunned down by police, much to Xorn's protest.


Sonny possessed superhuman strength and durability. His mutation went through various stages; he was at the second-to-last when he died.


Sonny was not very intelligent, and did not seem to comprehend the damage he was causing.

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