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Sonny Burch was a black market dealer from San Francisco. He supplied Hope Van Dyne, under the alias "Susan," with the high-tech parts she and her father Dr. Hank Pym needed to build a tunnel to the Quantum Realm that they hoped to use to rescue Hope's mother Janet van Dyne. Once he discovered Hope's true identity and the purpose of the parts he supplied her with, Burch refused to sell her the parts, as he believed Quantum Energy would be the next goldmine in the tech industry. Burch furthermore attempted to blackmail Hope, a wanted criminal, by revealing her and her father's identities to the authorities. Hope donned the Wasp suit to take the part from Burch and his goons by force.

Burch schemed to steal Hank Pym's mobile lab as payback. He and his goons interrogated the X-Con Security Consultants - associates of Hank Pym through Scott Lang. One of Burch's henchmen, Uzman, used a serum on Luis that would make him "more suggestible," which the X-Cons quickly recognized as a truth serum. Once Luis gave up Lang and Pym's location, Burch and his men were suddenly assaulted by Ghost, a former S.H.I.E.L.D. assassin after Hank Pym for her own reasons. Burch realized he wouldn't be able to beat the Ghost to Hank Pym, so he contacted an informant he had at the FBI. The feds would confiscate Pym's lab so his informant could then hand it over to Burch; however, Ghost attacked Burch's informant and took the lab for herself.

Hope, Scott Lang, and Luis led Burch and his men on a car chase through San Francisco, all while fighting Ghost for possession of Hank Pym's lab. Burch grabbed the lab in the confusion, and attempted to escape by hiding on a ferry full of whale watchers. Scott, however, used the Ant-Man Suit to grow to a gigantic size, large enough to follow the ferry out into San Francisco Bay. Lang took the lab from Burch and carried him back to the pier. Two X-Cons, Dave and Kurt, stopped Burch and his men, and then tied them up and used Uzman's truth serum on the crooks before the FBI arrived to arrest them.[1]



  • Gifted Intelligence: As a black-market dealer, Sonny is seemingly a highly intelligent man. He's highly opportunistic and had successfully ran his restaurant business while also being a black market trader.
  • Expert Businessman: Burch is an exceptional businessman, but his greed can get the best of his business decision making. He regularly made deals with Hope van Dyne to give her parts in exchange for money. However, when he found out about the Quantum Tunnel, he spent all of his efforts with that.


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