Sonny Ocampo was the main security director during the art festival of the Frick Collection. While monitoring the security footage, Ocampo noticed a particular guest, Felicia Hardy and her entourage. Knowing that she was the criminal thief Black Cat, Ocampo escorted Felicia off the premises.

Ocampo being thrown off the bike

After she left, Ocampo received confirmation from one of the other guards that a painting held been stolen. Believing Hardy was the culprit, Ocampo confiscated a motor bike from one of the guests and took off after her. Once he caught up to her, he noticed the car was being attack by members of the Thieves Guild.

Once the situation was taken care of, Ocampo demanded Hardy to give the painting back. But she thought Ocampo was obsessed with her and she told him it wouldn't work out due to bad luck which caused Black Cat's probability abilities to affect Ocampo causing the bike to hit the wall of a bridge launching him into a creek.[1]

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