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A number of young men who had been enslaved by Wong-Chu learned of Ho Yinsen and Iron Man. They began to worship Yinsen and the armor, forming a mix of technological study and religion as the Sons of Yinsen. They believed they had successfully recovered and preserved Yinsen's brain.

Hearing from Stark about the Sentient Armor, they recovered it and placed "Yinsen's" head on it. He thanked them, but began to gave out stranger and stranger orders, such as ordering mass production of armors and ordering the SoY to seek out new followers. Sun Tao questioned this. The others attack him, saying he needed to be 'cleansed'. Brainwashed, he was ordered to attack Iron Man while the others stole the S.K.I.N. technology Stark had recently developed. Sun and Iron Man then battled the cloaked Sons until "Yinsen" attacked Stark's artificial heart. Recovering, Iron Man set out after them and Jocasta explained that she needed to confront the Sentient Armor.

"Yinsen" revealed that he was Ultron and behind this all. Jocasta had inadvertenedly given the 'Ultron Imperative' and Ultron-12's personality to Iron Man's armor when her AI was uploaded into it. The 'body' of Yinsen was actually Ultron attempting to reform himself. He had used his encephalobeam to lure the Sons, using their beliefs against him. He planned to form an army using both S.K.I.N. and the armors that had been built.

Ultron was stopped when Jocasta uploaded herself into the Sentient Armor, but he triggered a self-destruct sequence. Iron Man tried to get the Sons to leave their city, but they said their actions deserved punishment. Iron Man and Sun Tao left. Iron Man also tried contacting Jocasta, but she did not respond.[1][2][3][4]



Each member wore an armor similar to Iron Man's. They developed a special card that assisted with cloaking and teleportation.


Iron Man Armor Model 1 drones,[1][2][3]


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