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The Sons of the Serpent were a racist group created by General Chen in an attempt to divide America, performing hate-crimes against foreigners around the country. After his followers attacked Bill Foster, the Avengers publicly opposed them. The Serpents retaliated by kidnapping Captain America and threatening to kill him unless the Avengers would publicly take the Serpent's side. The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. freed Captain America and unmasked General Chen as their leader.[1]

Sons of the Serpent II[]

The Sons of the Serpent were reformed by two talk show hosts, Dan Dunn and Montague Hale, trying to stir up racial distrust and hate. They were defeated and exposed by the Black Panther and the Avengers.[2]

Sons of the Serpent III[]

The Sons of The Serpent were reformed yet again, being financed by J.C. Pennysworth of Richmond Enterprises, who was an African-American posing as a white racist in pursuit of power. The Sons of the Serpent were destroying tenement buildings in Harlem, attempting to drive African-Americans, Puerto Ricans and other minority groups out of their city. They were foiled in this attempt by the Defenders.[3]

Sons of the Serpent IV[]

An iteration of the Sons of Serpent became involved in the criminal underworld of Los Angeles. Under the leadership of the Hate Monger, they were selling guns and drugs to the street gangs of Los Angeles. The drugs they purchased from Hydra and the state-of-the-art guns were purchased from A.I.M.. Due to the War Machine, their operation was shut down and both Hydra and A.I.M. turned on the Sons of the Serpent.[4]

Sons of the Serpent V[]

The fourth Sons of the Serpent were led by the demonic Serpent Man Russell Daboia. This incarnation of the group was involved more in mysticism, including references to the Serpent Men's deity Set.

Sons of the Serpent (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 3 34 001

Daredevil vs. The Sons of the Serpent

Sons of the Serpent VI[]

A fifth iteration of the team has been discovered. They are a hate group who control the New York justice system for profit and for their own ends. They are opposed by Daredevil.[5]

Sons of the Serpent VII[]

Another version of the Sons of the Serpent patrolled the American border to apprehend illegal immigrants, while at the same time kidnapping any healthy adult males and shipping them to Dr. Karl Malus so he could use them as test subjects for his experiments. They were stopped by Captain America with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s assistance.[6]




A variety of weapons including energy rifles, flamethrowers, gas grenades, staffs which fire energy bolts, staves which can be used as clubs or can transform into serpents which wrap themselves around an enemy and shock them with electricity, poison dart guns or energy firing nunchucks.

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