Sooraya Qadit was present in the Chrysler Building when Magneto used it and other New York City skyscrapers to create Fortress X and escape from the US Army.[1]

Sooraya served as a member of Moonstar's Cadre in defending the Fortress. They were sent after Legacy, when she seemingly went rogue and betrayed the mutants. Close to capturing Anna-Marie, she was taken down by Gambit, who used a kinetic blast to disperse her.[2]

Once the alteration of reality was undone, Dust asked for her Earth-11326 counterpart's memories to be removed by Emma Frost, afraid of the cruelty she had displayed.[3]


Seemingly those of Sooraya Qadir (Earth-616)#Powers.

Sooraya was the only survivor of a drinking contest with Megan Gwynn (Nightmare)[4].

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