After his arrest and since her near death experience, Dust continued visiting Donald Pierce in the X-Brig. Beast confirmed Pierce's claim that Dust's cells were in fact dying. Dust eventually attempted to aid Pierce in escaping because he promised to heal her. During his escape Dust seemingly died. Later she was brought back to life by Ink utilizing his Phoenix Force-like powers. Dust appeared completely healed, but the episode left Ink comatose. As noted by Beast his brain activity was subdued as if it had been overcharged.[1]

Ink eventually recovered, but Dust was changed. She claimed that she had lost her soul as a result of her resurrection.[1] Eventually she began dressing more provocatively and then started hunting and killing her fellow mutants.

She killed most of the X-Men. Finally confronting the remaining five at X-Men Tower on Xaviera. She then killed Wolverine, Graymalkin, Diamondheart and Anole. Very last she confronted the perceived cause of her soulless state: Ink. Before murdering him, she did express some regret and stated she knew that his intentions were true.[2]


Seemingly those of the Dust of Earth-616, along with additional powers and power application.

  • Along with her self-comubustive powers, Sooraya powers have seemingly grown to their full potential in this reality allowing her to combust the molecular structure of other beings and objects without the need of her "dust" form to rip the flesh from their bones.[2]
  • Her enhanced powers allows her in her "dust" form to encompass a great portion of Earth with a storm cloud of dust that she intended to use to "wipe clean the earth."[3]

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