Sophia Striker was apparently the First Lady of Graeme Striker, the last democratically elected President of the United States before the MegaCorps overthrew the federal government in the Pollution Wars.

Sophia Striker

The Strikers were exiled to Hellrock and forgotten by history, reinventing themselves into the identities of Dethstryk and his Seeress. They developed powers from an unknown source, and Seeress used her powers of prescience to aid Dethstryk.

Seeress grew to hate Dethstryk over the years, however, and occasionally manipulated Mutroids from Hellrock's population to try to overthrow him. Eventually, she was forced to use the hero Ravage as her pawn, mutating him further so that he'd be more receptive to her psychic persuasion. During the battle between Seeress's rebels and Dethstryk's hordes, the former couple died in battle with each other while fighting for control of Hellrock's technology.

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