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Sophie Brownlee was a woman who lived with her husband, with whom she had been married for eleven years, in Jersey City. One day, he returned late from his work and paced around, claiming to have lived a different life, living in Brooklyn married to a blonde woman named Gwen with whom he had a little girl named Norma.

Looking for answers on her husband's sudden change of behavior, Sophie found about the theory of the Multiverse and that some people were believed to be trapped between universes. Sophie tried to talk to Doctor Strange, but he wouldn't' see her, so she resorted to hiring P.I. Jessica Jones to have her look into her husband's situation.[1]

After a video was posted on the Internet of Jone's husband Luke Cage confronting her at the Brownlees' street while Jessica was trying to spy on Sophie's husband, Sophie confessed to him what she had done behind his back. Sophie was then stabbed by her husband most likely as a consequence of a nervous breakdown. She had her cut throat and her blood drank from her body.[2]


  • Sophie can't have kids.[1]

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