Sorba Rutskaya was an assistant to Professor Ivan Kragoff and a devoted environmentalist. Ever since his wife Julia died from a traffic accident, Kragoff devoted his work in reviving her with N-Zone technology and had planned on using the Invisible Woman to merge her with his wife, thus reviving Julia and killing the Invisible Woman. In working for Kragoff, Sorba stole Russia's Crimson Dynamo power suits and several super-soldier components and utilized them for her personal army. Kragoff's plan in kidnapping Susan Storm, Rutskaya destroys the plane that Susan was on with a Dynamo gauntlet. After procuring the Invisible Woman Rutskaya betrays Kragoff by stabbing him in the back and revealing that she has intended on learning more of Kragoff's research in order to merge with the Invisible Woman to gain her powers to destroy those who harms nature. As she was using Kragoff's N-Zone technology to fuse Susan Storm with her, the Invisible Woman regains consciousness and escape but causing the technology's beam to hit several vials of simian DNA turning Sorba into a gigantic, deformed, gorilla-like creature with multiple simian limbs and heads, as well as her single human head which retains her insane personality. After Susan flees from Sorba, Sorba set Kragoff's base to self-destruct from a nuclear-powered Dynamo armor on a timer and battle the Fantastic Four and the Crimson Dynamo. However, she was defeated when Susan thrust several more vials of animal DNA into Sorba's body, absorbing the DNAs and overwhelming Sorba. After Kragoff's facility was destroyed from its self-destruction, Sorba was never seen alive as the Invisible Woman protected everyone but believed to be dead. However, Susan doubted as Sorba's power of intangibility may have cause her to phase through the blast and survive her ordeal.


  • Intangibility: She is able to phase through solid matter and objects.
  • Creation of apes and monkeys: Sorka also possesses the ability to create apes and monkeys from her body that are subservient to her will. Each creature is capable of manifesting N-Zone superpowers.



  • The apes and monkeys that Sorba created are the Ultimate versions of the Super-Apes.

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