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When the Silver Surfer returned to Earth Sorrentino and her army of Gangers began tracking him.[1] She then had Puppet Master kidnapped alongside a clay duplicate he had made of the Surfer[2], and revealed to him that they had replicated his Psychic Clay in vast amounts and wanted him to make use of it.[3]

Sorrentino was revealed to be working with Dr. Alexei Ganger, a former colleague of the Puppet Master who wanted his help to save the world. Ganger had come to worship the Surfer as a messiah and Sorrentino was both one of his loyal disciples, and his granddaughter, who was acting to carry out his will to bring peace to the world which they believed only the Surfer was capable of.[4] The Surfer was lured to their hidden fortress 'Satori' submerged in the Atlantic Ocean when he learned that the Puppet Master had been captured. Sorrentino welcomed the Surfer alongside her grandfather and personally pledged herself to the Surfer, supplicating herself before him and imploring him to lead the planet Earth to a new age of enlightenment which the Surfer refused.[4]

Sorrentino was then present after the Surfer allowed everyone on Earth to feel the potential for peace, harmony and love inside them and wondered if that would be enough to have people try and reach that potential.[5] Still working alongside her grandfather, Sorrentino witnessed the beginning of the molding[6] and then the creation of the Cosmic Messiah[7] as well as his programming with the history of the human race and was then reduced to energy by him before being reconstituted.[8].

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