While Spider Man was fighting against Equinox, he inadvertently ripped a wall panel off, allowing this ornately carved wand to fall free from the stasis safe. When the battle was over, Spider-Man decided to stay behind and clean up the mess, completely unaware of the strange and ancient carved wand, that was slowly glowing beneath the wreckage[1].
As soon as the Human Torch found out what happened, he explained to Spider-Man that recently Tigra and Red Wolf battled a man named Joshua Plague who recently took over as leader of the Rat Pack. Plague had obtained that stick, in reality an Indian Soul-Catcher. During the course of the battle Plague was revealed to be the Super-Skrull and in attempting to absorb Tigra's soul, he became the stick's victim instead. After the battle was over, Tigra turned it over to Reed Richards for study. Richards put it away for study. The story over, Spider-Man realized that his battle with Equinox must have loosened the Soul-Catcher and allowed the Super Skrull to get free[2].

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