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Pixie with her Souldagger

One night at the X-Mansion, Pixie, along with Anole, Loa, Wolf Cub, Gentle, Rockslide, and Match were being told a frightening "ghost story" by Blindfold when they were all transported into Limbo by Belasco. Belasco summoned the students to Limbo in an attempt to find his former apprentice, Illyana Rasputina. Separated from New X-Men, the less battle experienced students attempted to fight off the demons attacking them until the were rescued by Darkchylde. Darkchylde offered her further assistance to defeat Belasco and help them escape from Limbo, but she required a weapon: a Soulsword. Because she had lost her own, she needed to create a new one: from Pixie's soul. Despite protests from her friends, Pixie reluctantly gave into Darkchylde's request. Only taking a portion of Pixie's soul yielded a smaller version of the original Soulsword, called the Souldagger. Afterwards, Darkchylde taught Pixie a teleportation spell so she and her friends could rescue the other students at Belasco's Castle. Once at the castle, Pixie stabbed Belasco with her Souldagger which weakened him enough for Darkchylde to seize control of Limbo.[1]

Since the time of it first appearance, Pixie has shown the ability to summon the Souldagger at will. Sometimes she can do this with ease to help her in battle,[2] while other times with much darker effects on her persona.[3][4]


The Souldagger has displayed many of the same qualities as the Soulsword including:

  • Strike the Supernatural: The Souldagger has been shown to only harm magical creatures or objects -- it rarely injures non-magical beings or items.
  • Counter/Break Spell: When Pixie uses the Soulsword to strike a person who is possessed, ensorcelled, or otherwise magically controlled or transformed the sword will be able to counter or break the spell.
  • Sword Summoning: Pixie can store her Souldagger in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.

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